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Monti del Reventino

Packaging Monti del Reventino with Flexible Visual System

Monti del Reventino, guardian of Calabrian agricultural tradition, rises at the foothills of the majestic Sila, cradled by its rich history and the enveloping fragrance of the land. Our passion for the production of potatoes, flours, honey, jams, and biscuits reflects our love for our homeland. With a commitment deeply rooted in environmental respect and sustainability, we cultivate with care and dedication, offering high-quality products that tell the authenticity of the region. Monti del Reventino is more than a company; it is an authentic connection to the nature and culinary traditions of Calabria, transforming our passion into a unique taste experience for those who choose quality and authenticity.



Monti del Reventino Soc. Cooperativa