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Elodie font

Welcome to my latest graphic design project, featuring the bespoke typeface Elodie. This unique font draws its inspiration from the iconic Bauhaus movement, renowned for its emphasis on basic geometric shapes and modular design principles. Elodie encapsulates the spirit of this influential era, blending simplicity with bold creativity.

The core of the typeface is built around fundamental geometric forms—circles, squares, and triangles—meticulously combined to create a harmonious and functional alphabet. Each letter is designed with precision, ensuring that the font remains versatile for a variety of design applications, from posters to branding materials.

Adding a touch of elegance and organic beauty, the design is interwoven with the motif of a rose. This delicate element contrasts with the rigid geometry of the Bauhaus-inspired forms, creating a visually intriguing interplay between nature and structure. The rose not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also symbolizes growth, beauty, and the intricate balance between nature and design.

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